Tomule® Cordless Vacuum | Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 8000 pa

If you just reached this page by clicking on the beautiful thumbnail thinking it of the coolest handheld vacuum cleaner ever , then you are absolutely right . The Tomule® SJ14 is not any other vacuum cleaner . The award winning patented Gun-Like design makes is really really simple to use and combined with the 8000 pa rotor suction , there is no other cordless vacuum that can beat this one !!!
    • 8000 PA SUCTION- The inbuilt dual rotor box induces 8000 pa suction power and can clean all kinds ( and when we say all - we mean all ) of particles , food , hair , granules etc. in matter of milliseconds . Its one of the most powerful and best car vacuum cleaners in the industry and you really can't go wrong about the purchase
    • TECH & ENGINEERING- The exquisite engineering features motor , dust cup and cyclone is one straight line to improve airflow efficiency and suction . 120W high power ensures the maximum input power . Also there is an inbuilt radiator fan which prevents the vacuum cleaner from heating up and ensures noiseless operation ( less than 70 decibels )
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & NOISELESS- 365 grams weight - less than a freaking soda can . The sectional gravity placement ensures the most comfortable , portable use
    • UNIVERSAL HEPA FILTER- The H11 HEPA filter can be easily washed and reused . Its tested for the most effective cleaning and filtration even at the microscopic level . The large detachable dust bin ensures long term use and can be simple emptied out or washed on regular intervals 
    • WIRELESS | 2000 MAH BATTERY- This is a cordless car vacuum cleaner which means you don't need to connect it to your car's cigarette port . The 2000 mAh battery , which is highest in the industry , gives you about a 45-50 min continuous use time ( and about 30 days standby ) and is rechargeable through the included USB cable or also through your power bank
    • MORE SELF-PRAISE- As you all know , we love to boast about our tech . The Tomule® handheld vacuum works on a separately constructed pure copper motor integrated with aluminium alloy supercharged blades . Together the speed can reach upto 50000 revolutions per minute thus providing the perfect cleaning for your car
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN- The design is the real deal here . There has been no handheld vacuum cleaner that has been able to induce an 8000 pa suction system into such a small size . The gun like shape with matte silicone plates ensures maximum comfort and stability and literally makes cleaning a pleasurable experience
    • MULTI-PURPOSE- The device is very versatile and is not only one of the best car vacuum cleaners but also a great cleaning solution for sofas , upholstery , lobby area , desks , cabinets and even for PC keyboards ( keep it a little far away when using for cleaning keyboards )
    • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES- 3 Additional Accessories - The Extended Tube , Roller Brush and Silicone Brush allow you to clean hard to reach areas whilst cleaning corners , blind spots and air vents . You just have to turn the power on and no matter how lazy you are ( like us ) , you car will get clean as ever

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