Visual Blackhead Remover & Face Cleaner

Tired of those stubborn ugly blackheads on your face ??? Don't worry - this little gadget will make sure that your face remains spotless , young and glowing forever !!!
    • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY- The device features patented visual suction technology which detach the blackheads from the base and make your skin clear and glowing
    • BLU-RAY SOOTHING- The Blu-Ray Soothing Technology provides the most efficient blackhead cleaning without any pain . Also the Blu-Ray soothing ensures that the device doesn't' heat up 
    • SAFETY- Double mesh layered safety to protect from any injury or pain yo the skin . Also the suction is controlled by the smart sensor chip and doesn't hurt
    • 10X MAGNIFICATION- The inbuilt sensor camera allows 10X Magnification of the skin thus providing the most precise and efficient blackhead cleaning
    • SMART APP CONTROL- The smart app integration allows you to magnify and inspect the skin within real time in a magnified scope . The app can be downloaded through thr QR code and is compatible with both Android and iOS 
    • 3 GEAR MODE- The device features 3 Gear Power Mode so you can adjust the suction power according to your suitability
    • BATTERY LIFE-  2000 mAh large inbuilt Lithium Chip Battery and is rechargeable through the included USB Cable thus providing long usage time
    • PORTABLE- Being Very lightweight and small , the cleaner can be easily carried around when you are travelling
    • THE MATERIAL- The device is manufactured using the highest grader skin safe material thus making it 100% safe to use