The Waveair® Max ( Limited Edition )

Light Blue
Guys, this gadget might be in the list of the top 10 gadgets we have ever brought for you !!!  Not only you will be amazed by its futuristic geometrical design but also by the tons of features it offers. And when you get two 5.0 SPG Grade bluetooth earbuds integrated in a watch , what else can be better ???
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end tech product by Waveair® and is considered one of the most creatively designed gadgets of 2020 . Its a very cool watch for men and women both and is the world's first smartwatch with earbuds in it 
    • 2 IN ONE- The Waveiar® Max features advanced smart watch with integrated flagship bluetooth earbuds which allows you to carry your whole fitness gear on the wrist of your hand . So you get 2 devices in one - a hitech smart watch and two 5.0 bluetooth earphones ( You can use the earbuds either with the watch or just as normal bluetooth earphones ) 
    • ULTRA RICH SOUND- The inbuilt patented dual micro subwoofers in the earbuds provide ultra rich crystal clear sound with true immersive base and physical noise cancelling 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Interface for smooth wireless connection with all your devices ( works with both Android and iOS ) 
    • TOUCH CONTROL- Smart touch control to alter the volumes , play or pause the songs and change the song selection
    • SINGLE CLICK PRESS- One of the coolest feature of the device is that when you press with both your fingers on the earbuds ,they make a mechanical techy sound and come out which looks really cool
    • FITNESS MODE- This cool watch is specially designed for fitness and features multiple sport modes, calorie counts , steps calibration , sleep monitoring and consumption features
    • HEART RATE MONITORING- Using the micro chip sensor, the smartwatch can accurately detect the heart rate and the blood pressure rate and in case of abnormality, a message can be automatically sent to your stored emergency number
    • HITECH LED SCREEN- The screen of the smartwatch looks very premium and hitech and we can guarantee that each and every person who looks at this will go crazy for it 
    • SMART APP LINKAGE- All the data and results are automatically saved and can be viewed in the smartphone App which is compatible with both Android and iOS
    • INTEGRATED CHARGING- No need of using the boring charging cables . Just put your earbuds in the watch and they automatically charge 
    • REMOTE CONTROL- Using the remote camera feature , you can automatically click pictures from your phone by just shaking the watch which looks very cool 
    • NOTIFICATIONS- The important app notifications and call controls are transferred to the smart watch thus making it very convenient while jogging , working out or at work 
    • ADVANCED WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY- The smart watch is 3 level PX7 waterproof and there is no risk of damages from water or sweat 
    • A TECH MASTERPIECE- Guys , this cool watch is one of the gadgets we are really proud of . This smartwatch with earphones is one of its kind and looks no less than a sci-fi movie gadget . The design and craftmanship behind it is worth appreciation and this gadget has been features in multiple tech magazines including HHX'21 , ProDesign and the TechSean 20 

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