Mafby® Lighter Watch | Classic Edition

Color ( Dial )
A freaking lighter in a freaking watch , what can possibly be geekier and cooler than this ? Ofcourse , we don't recommend this watch for business meetings , we have our Karineir® Wave for that , but if you are having a badass day and really want some show off and swag , then this cool lighter watch is just the wear for you
    • LIGHTER IN A WATCH- So basically , when you get this unique watch , you get 2 in 1 gadgets . A stylish casual wrist watch as well as a fully functional gas lighter integrated right into it
    • WEAR EVERYDAY LIKE A NORMAL WATCH- The lighter watch has been launched after rigorous testing and the SSE Safert Insulation with metal body and ultra - comfy silicone strap lets you wear this watch in your daily routine .The clock is powered by H&C® Quartz mechanism thus providing the most accurate time display
    • LIGHT IN STYLE- To induce the flame , just simply turn the slider up and there you go ( it actually requires some force so you can never turn it on accidentally ) . Guys just think , how attention - seeking you'll be , standing in a pub and lighting your cigar with your wrist watch 😎🔥 ( you'll certainly get the conversation starting )
    • THE DESIGN- Unlike most of the other lighter watches , this one really nails it in terms of style and design . The round Metal Body with 3 Dial Array and matte finish really makes a great wearable accessory and you can surely wear it to clubs and parties
    • HOW TO REFILL- Refilling is pretty easy . Just buy any butane or mini gas tank from your local store and fill it through the side slot
    • A GREAT GIFT- This is one of the most unique and cool watches ever and surely makes a great gift idea for birthdays and other occasions