XSociety® Crocodile Blaze - World's Coolest Lighter

The Crocodile Blaze is undoubtedly the world's coolest and most unique cigarette lighter ever designed . This masterpiece is the only dual fire lighter ever created and the metallic crocodile blueprint just takes things to a whole new level . This cool lighter is something that truly represents the essence behind XSociety® and we are sure that the real Cigar Connoisseurs will certainly grab this little croc !!!
    • WORLD'S FIRST DUAL FLAME LIGHTER - DOPE CROC DESIGN - The Croc Blaze Cool Cigarette Lighter works on our proprietary dual flame technology which makes it bussin ' . Plus , the 3D engraved Crocodile Lid design gives it a savage look making it a star attention grabber !!!
    • BLUE JET FLAME | CROCODILE FLAME - Open the metallic lid and press the ingnition switch to induce the jet blue flame which is windproof and works at any angle - even upside down !!! When you release the ignition switch , the flame turns into soft open flame direct out of the Crocodile's mouth which looks fiercely barbarous
    • FULL METALLIC BUILT |  REFILLABLE LIGHTER- The cool lighter is crafted using resistant zinc alloy providing it years of unparalleled use and being a refillable lighter , it can be used infinite number of times 
    • ADJUSTABLE FLAME SIZE- The Regulator on the bottom of the lighter can be used to adjust the flame size as per convenience . The metallic lid coupled with inbuilt safety switch makes the lighter pocket friendly and 100% safe to use
    • REFILL BEFORE USE - Due to International Shipping Restrictions , the lighter comes without gas - Kindly refill it with Lighter Oil before the first use