XSociety® Skull Lighter Belt Buckle

Cowboys , this is happening !!! A Classy Belt Buckle with a classier Metal Lighter , isn't it the Dream ? The new XSociety®️ Lighter Belt Buckle is undoubtedly the coolest belt ever designed and will take your Outfit to a whole another level !!!
    • BUCKLE WITH A LIGHTER- The XSociety®️ Skull Buckle is also a classic metallic Lighter which is windproof and certainly a must have for those who like to smoke in style !!!
    • REFILLABLE LIGHTER- The Unique Skull Lighter is refillable and thus you never have to buy another lighter again ( Due to Logistics Safety , the lighter has not been filled with kerosene )
    • BUCKLE WITH A KNIFE - The inconic vintage blade with the classy matte design certainly makes it the coolest Belt Buckle ever 
    • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP- The Skull Lighter Buckle is crafted using the S 34 Metal Alloy and handpolished for an exquisite matte finish . The Belt is made of the famous full grain leather making it a style statement for the gentlemen !!!
    • THE ENGRAVING- The Designers at XSociety®️ have put an enormous amount of detail and precision into the Skull Style Engraving of the Belt Buckle making it one of the most Unique Fashion Accessories you'll own
    • GOES WITH ALL BELTS- This can be used as a Belt Buckle for jeans , trousers , twill chinos and can be also attached to your favourite belt thus you can change the look of the belt every single time