Smerhen® Smart Heating Coaster - Coffee Cup Warmer , UL1026 Safety Certification

Want to keep your coffee and other beverages hot ??? Then this smart electric coffee mug warmer with BPA free rating is certainly  the perfect gadget for you

    • WHAT IT DOES- As the title states , this little gadget works as a thermostatic mug warmer for your drinks and you can use it to heat or control the temperature of your coffee drinks , infused water or literally any beverage
    • SAFE THERMAL HEATING- The coaster operates using our patented bitransfer thermal heating technology  ( S22 0T ) which provides very safe and efficient gradual heating and absolutely no side effect on health or on the taste of the drink 
    • INTELLIGENT TOUCH CONTROL- All the functions can be controlled with smart touch function on the matte glass screen and you can control heating , temperature settings , timers etc, very conveniently 
    • SMART INTERFACE- You can also maintain a healthy routine by setting interval reminders this gadget so it will automatically remind and notify you to drink water after let's say every 3 hours . If you drink warm water or infused herbs water , then this gadget will make your life so much moire easier 
    • LED DISPLAY- The premium bezel free glass LED screen displays all the values clearly and you can adjust the functions according to that 
    • UNIVERSAL - SUPPORTS ALL TYPES OF MUGS - The coffee mug warmer supports safe heating all types of cups and mugs - porcelain , glass , maple and other material , just try to avoid single use plastics on this 
    • AUTO SHUT OFF - The coffee mug warmer automatically shuts off after 4 hours so its not a problem even if you forget to switch it off . After turning off the coffee warmer, the blue light flashes for a while to remind that the heating plate is still hot 
    • PORTABLE  - Being very small and lightweight , the cup warmer can be easily carried around and you can enjoy hot delicious beverages anytime and anywhere . Its also very useful when you are on a camping trip or on a business tour 
    • EASY TO CLEAN- The surface of the warmer is very easy to wash and wipe and the silicone stick base provides stabiltiy to the mug and doesn't let spilling of liquid 
    • USB INTERFACE- You can operate the coffee cup warmer using the normal USB cable and can also be used via connecting with a power bank or laptop . It draws out very minimal power which adds to the convenience
    • SAFETY GUARANTEE  - The Smerhen® cup warmer boasts of triple level safety design thus making it 100% safe for you and your kids . At the first stage , it features flagship Maxler® microchips which are considered industry standard in food heating . At the second step the device is dual insulated from the circuit which completely eliminates even the slightest risk of shock or electric conduction . At the third stage , the device is made of the highest quality ceramic and glass which is suitable for for and beverage heating 
    • THE DESIGN- The warmer features an artistic and minimalistic design which looks very premium and is perfect for smart homes . The thin ceramic body with glass screen plating gives it the style of a smart mug coaster and it will be certainly on of your most useful purchases of the year

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Smerhen® Coffee Cup Warmer . All rights reserved and protected