Cinamaroll® Fur Phone Case

Your iPhone
Your phone probably isn't fluffy as it should be 🐶 . But don't worry - these Plush Cases by Cinamaroll® can help with that !!!
    • THE OFFICIAL 2020 WINTER COVER- Yeah guys, probably you will also agree that there can't be a better phone cover for the fall than this one
    • THE PLUSH PADDING- Being created from the highest quality velvet and silicone , the case is extremely soft and its a beauty to touch and carry around
    • SHOCK AND FALL PROTECTION- Apart from being so cute and soft , the inner silicone plating gives full 360° degree protection to your phone and 100% shock and fall protection
    • THE CUTENESS- This cover is really the cutest cover we have ever brought for you and we are sure that you feel the same
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- The Plush Case is launched in collaboration with Cinamaroll® and thus features as a top in line iPhone Cover


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