The Bubble Blast - Interactive Portable Game

Light Blue
Introducing the Bubble Blast Game Console - the ultimate gaming experience for children! Designed with bright colors and an innovative pushable bubble interface, this portable console takes gaming to a whole new level of fun and excitement.
    • WORLD'S MOST SATISFYING GAME- Experience pure satisfaction with the world's most captivating Bubble Blast Game Console. Pushable bubbles, vibrant colors, and endless fun create an unparalleled gaming adventure for all ages . The Bubble Blast is shaped like a gamepad and features pushable bubbles, providing a fun alternative to traditional video games. It is portable, easy to use and can be used alone or with others

    • IMPROVES REFLEXES | MIND FOCUS- Pop all the lit bubbles as soon as they appear, and then press the big button on the back to reset the bubbles before time runs out !!! Keep popping the bubbles fast to level up . Your child can improve their reactivity and hand-eye coordination, while having fun

    • 4 GAME MODES- 1. BEGINNER MODE -Explore this mode to familiarize yourself with the games , 2.MEMORY MODE -Test your memory by memorizing sequences ,RECORD-MODE -Achieve the highest possible score ,MULTIPLAYER MODE -Challenge your friends, family to find out who will be the most skilled

    • LONG BATTERY LIFE- The Bubble Blast Game Console works on 3 x AAA Batteries , providing a play time of 4-6 months on single battery !!!

    • PLAY IT ANYTIME ANYWHERE -Don't settle for ordinary gaming consoles when you can offer your child an extraordinary adventure with the Bubble Blast Game Console. It's the perfect companion for road trips, vacations, or even quiet evenings at home. Get ready to witness the delight on your child's face as they explore the world of interactive bubble gaming !!!