The Book Lamp | Innovative Indoor Night Light


What do you use your books for - reading ??? Well, this book is so much more than that . This is certainly the most innovative and gorgeous night light ever created and the feeling you get when you open this book is just unbelievable 

    • A LAMP IN A BOOK  - When closed, this gadget is a lamp concealed as a handsomely crafted, hard-cover book. Open it and it transforms into a sculptural light, radiating a warm glow. You can open it as little or as much as you want, up to 360 degrees, allowing you to have just the right amount of light for the occasion . On the surface , it appears like a normal text book but when you open it , it reveals an elegant warm bright lamp which takes the ambience of your room to whole another level
    • PERFECTLY LIKE A BOOK- The design and craftsmanship behind this book lamp  certainly deserves a load of appreciation . Its kind of unbelievable to integrate a whole 360° lamp into such a thin book like design . You can just put it in your bag like a normal book and no one would know what an awesome thing you are carrying within 
    • WARM BRIGHT LIGHT- The Core G60 illumination technology emits a soothing bright light ( 500 lumens lamp beads ) which beautifies and lightens up the whole surroundings without hurting the eyes . Also the book lamp is 360° flexible and can be fully folded to convert it into a standing night light which looks wonderful 
    • STRONG MAGNETS- Being lined by industrial-grade Neodymium (N52) magnets on both sides of the wooden surface , the book lamp closes perfectly so the lamp doesn't open or light up on its own which comes in very handy when you have to carry it around 
    • RECHARGEABLE / ENRGY SAVING- The book light is powered by an inbuilt 1200 mAh lithium battery , thus uses very less power and can be easily recharged through the included USB cable . One single charge lasts upto 12-14 hours of continuous lighting and about 6 days of standby 
    • THE BUILTThe interior body of the lamp is made from durable, water-resistant material and is 100% recyclable and the papers are designed using DuPont™ Tyvek thus making them very strong and difficult to tear or get damaged 
    • THE PORTABILITY- This is the most important feature of this indoor night light . Its so thin and lightweight that you can literally carry it anywhere and its very versatile and perfect for bedroom , child's room , for reading real books , for warm calm lights before sleeping etc
    • MINIMLASITIC DESIGN- The sleek alluring look of the book and the fact that it opens to become an even more amazing night light makes it the perfect gadget for modern smart homes . This lamp book has won many design awards including the GGE'21 and PrHunter Cres 3.0 
    • THE PERFECT GIFT- Whether its the birthday of your art loving girlfriend or it is your parents' anniversary , this fascinating book lamp is sure to impress anyone making it the perfect innovative gift for all situations . Everybody on social media is crazy for this and we call it the most ' instagramable ' lamp ever ( yes its a thing now 😅 )