Dura Mobi® Hum Bird - World's Coolest Bone Conduction Speaker


Guys , this right here is not just any other normal bluetooth speaker . This is by far one of the most innovative , dynamic and avant garde mini speaker of all time . Its the world's first speaker which works on bone conduction technology and the music experience you get will be like never before , literally you would never have heard such a rich , refined sound anywhere else

    • THE LEADER OF BONE CONDUCTION- This is the world's most dynamic and versatile bone conduction speaker and can convert any hollow surface into a speaker

    • WHAT'S BONE CONDUCTION- For those of you who are not familiar with bone conduction , it is a technology that allows music to travel directly to your inner ear and thus the sound you hear has much more depth and character than you hear with a normal headset or Bluetooth speaker . Actually the sound we hear normally is different and it changes its tone slightly till it reaches our ear . Bone conduction avoids that and thus the technology is now being used in next generation audio headsets , smart glasses , high end music systems and by music composers

    • WHAT THIS SPEAKER DOES- The Hum Bird acts a mini Bluetooth speaker to deliver pure sound via bone conduction technology . Just connect you phone to the speaker , select your songs and experience a magical music experience like never before

    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The cool speaker works on Bluetooth 5.0 interface for smooth wireless connection with all your devices including Android , iOS , PC , laptop and smart TV

    • DIFFERENT SOUND ON EVERY SURFACE- This is what makes this mini speaker so special . The signature BCT coupled with Beryllium & aviation aluminium construction gives the custom effect to the speaker . So on each and every surface you keep the Hum Bird speaker on , the sound quality and bass will be different . It appears to be unbelievable and the real tech lovers will surely appreciate the science behind it . So you can try different sounds with surfaces like wood , cardboard , metal , plastic , paper or thermocol etc

    • STRONG ELECTRONIC MAGNETS- The strong 3M electric magnets on the base allow you to attach the wireless speaker firmly on any surface so that you can test different sounds easily

    • LARGE BATTERY LIFE - The inbuilt 800 mAh lithium battery chip provides upto a standby time of 48 hours an can be charged though the included USB cable

    • FOR THE MUSIC PIONEERS- This is a perfect gadget for music artists and creatives who want to test different types of sound qualities and their application from different surface so they can produce unique and high quality music . This speaker is a revolution is the music industry and has a lot of application in the music production line

    • THE DESIGN- The gorgeous spherical design with metal construction gives it a very futuristic look and certainly puts it in the category of coolest and most high end speakers ever . The music experience you get is just terrific and you are gonna have so much fun with it