Are you ready to take your gaming to another level ? Then these professional edition wired headphones from Yotms® are certainly the perfect gadget for you !!!

    • 🎧 PROFESSIONAL EDITION- These headphones are specially designed for professional level gaming and are very heavy duty ultra high performance gadgets. They are recommended for those who really take their gaming seriously and enjoy the experience of real hard core gaming
    • 🎧ULTRA HD SOUND - The Built in Dual Subwoofer channels stimulates thick game acoustic output and give you ultra rich HI-FI Sound and true immersive 7.1 sound track boom  base to enjoy your gaming at its fullest
    • 🎧PHYSICAL NOISE CANCELLING- InBuilt intelligent noise cancelling so the background noises are eliminated to provide you professional gaming experience
    • 🎧SOFT AND COMFORTABLE -The headphones are ergonomically designed to give long hours of continuous listening comfort. So play as much you want without any uncomfortability to the ears
    • 🎧PROFESSIONAL WIRED CONNECTION  - The high quality wired connection provides smooth interface for Smooth wireless connection with all your phones, PCs, MacOS, Ps4 and Xbox.
    • 🎧HI-FI MICROPHONE - InBUilt High Definition mic so you can enjoy real time streaming and ultimate in game conversations
    • 🎧CONTROL PANEL -Comfortable wire control operating system , volume adjustment microphone switch and 4 kinds of gaming light modes
    • 🎧PROFESSIONAL DESIGN STRUCTURE - The seven point precisely designed structure of the headphones will surely make you fall in love with these
    • 🎧RGB LIGHTS - The customisable RGB Colourful lighting interface creates a professional gaming ambiencewhich looks really really cool
    • 🎧PREMIUM BUILTThis is a premium product by Yotms® and is manufactured using highest grade internal microchips and external material

    NOTE - Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Yotms® Gaming Headphones . All rights reserved