Cute Bird Lamp ( Exclusive Edition )

Guys , this is one of those products that we are really proud of . Literally , this bird lamp with cute sparrows and eggs is so cute , you can spend hours just staring at it. Also we got the GGE Design 2020 title for this one :)

    • šŸ¤ CUTE LITTLE SPARROW- The night lamp , in the form of a cute little sparrow with the even cuter eggs looks and feels magical and surely enhances the ambience of your bedroom
    • šŸ¤ INTELLIGENT SENSOR LAMP- This is a smart bird lamp and works on advanced human sensor technology ( that means it will automatically turn on when you go near it which looks really cool )
    • šŸ¤AUTOMATIC BRIGHTNESS CONTROL- Being controlled by our inbuilt Grey SmartHomeĀ® microchip , the lamp can automatically sense the environment and it automatically changes its brightness according to that
    • šŸ¤ONE TOUCH CONTROL- The bird lamp and the eggs are built-in vibration induction device. When you tap it once, it will light on , you tap it twice, the light is brighter and tap it third, the light is off. The experience of control is very satisfying and smooth
    • šŸ¤THE AMBIENCE AND WARM LIGHT- Keep this little baby in any part of your bedroom and it will turn it into a sweet, calming and balmy kind of area . The light is warm bright and also doesn't hurt the eyes
    • šŸ¤USB CHARGING / LARGE BATTERY- It works on inbuilt 2000 mAh lithium battery and can be very easily charged with the included USB cable ( only takes about 30 minutes to charge )
    • šŸ¤PLACE IT ANYWHERE- Its light and delicate and you can keep it anywhere in the house and use it as a portable night lamp for bedroom , living room or anywhere you like
    • šŸ¤HANDMADE WITH LOVE- Each and every piece is 100% handmade with the most premium material and high quality maple . The craftsmanship behind this is incredible , even the details of the branches are very precisely casted
    • šŸ¤PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a product from our Premium Valentine collection . We know its a lot pricey but you won't regret this purchase , we can assure you of that

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