The Mystic Wireless Charger 🏴‍☠️🧛

Guys , this is OFFICIAL , this  is the most badass and innovative wireless charger ever designed . It literally feels so cool ( a bit frightening too ) as if there have bequest on earth some supernatural forces just with the sole purpose to charge your phone
    • MAGICAL MYSTIC CHARGING- This here is not any other normal Amazon best seller wireless charger . This is a charger from a shop in Bermuda Triangle ( sorry guys , we are just trying to be funny ) . When you place your smartphone on the charger mat , it slowly starts to emit a breathing cross sectional array of mystical LED lighting and you get the vibes of those iconic treasure hunt movies . The experience is very cool and from now onwards charging your phone would be the best part of you day

    • THE SOUND- Along with the mystic light , when you place the phone , it emits an eerie ( a sassy kind of eerie ) sound which feels awesome . The inbuilt Maxr® microsubwoofers emit clear crisp sound and calibrates perfectly with the placing of your smartphone

    • UNIVERSAL Qi COMPATIBILITY- The wireless charger is compatible with all smartphones ( Android & iOS ) which support the wire free charging function . It supports Qi sensors and thus is universally compatible with mostly all types of phones .  Also the smart chipset allows charging even when phone cover is there thus adding to the convenience 

    • PROPRIETARY TURBO CHARGING- Being powered by our proprietary M23 G core microchips , the charging speed is around 1.6 - 1.7 times faster than any other charger on the market ( tested with both Android and iOS  ) . Also , the GET+® multi channel technology allows you to charge the phone by placing it on any part of the mat and not just in the centre

    • THE BUILT AND MATERIAL- The wireless charger is made of the highest quality ABS lined with Sertill grade silicone which makes it very robust and also prevents any marks or scratches on your phone

    • 3D PRINTED- We have created the upper surface i.e the contact compartment of the charger using 3D printing thus even the minutest detail of those mysterious ghostly arrays is perfectly designed and the feelings you get is just unimaginable ( its like 20% horror , 10% surprise and 70% coolness )

    • A PRODUCT THAT DEFINES US- Guys , this is really a product that truly represents our brand and the motive to give an innovative unique concept to every tech product . We agree its a lot expensive than a normal Qi wireless charger but we know that you all our hardcore tech lovers and won't mind !!!