Mafby® Best Metal Plasma Lighter - Portable Electric USB Lighter

Matte Black
Another masterpiece by Mafby® , this cool electric lighter with dual arc technology is perfect if you are beginner in plasma lighters . Its based on proprietary configuration , features an elegant metallic built and the advanced 6-tier safety functions certainly puts this lighter in our collection for the Best Electric Lighters of 2023
    • CLASSIC ARC LIGHTER- With the next-gen dual arc plasma technology and smart touch interface , the Mafby® electric lighter is one of our best-sellers and also one of our coolest lighters out of the whole collection
    • NO BUTANE | JUST CHARGE YOUR ELECTRIC LIGHTER- The plasma lighter works on electric current rather than any toxic gas or butane and thus is 100% safer and more versatile . Also you never need to refill the lighter , just charge it with your standard USB Cable or power bank and the inbuilt 480 mAh Battery lasts more than 14 days on ONE SINGLE CHARGE !!!
    • SINGLE TOUCH CONTROL | 🆒 VIBES- Literally , using your electric arc lighter will now be the most fun part of your day !!! Just click on the Touch Button , bring your cigarette inside the dual arc and you are good to go . Plus , the premium metallic built feels really satisfying and adds to that Lighter Swag
    • THE CORE SAFETY FEATURES- This is why we are in love with this plasma lighter . The 6 major features - Dual Insulation , Heat Control , Overcharge Protection , Voltage Control , Discharge Protection & AI Chip makes it one of the safest rechargeable lighters ever
    • OTHER COOL FEATURES- Its a compete Waterproof & Windproof Lighter so no matter what the weather conditions are , this little guy got your back . Also the design as always is super chic making it a perfect cigarette accessory and a collectible cool lighter