The Tomule® A11 | Best Handheld Vacuum for Car - 7000 pa , Dual Variant

Here it is guys - our staff pick for the best ( and coolest ) handheld mini vacuum cleaner for your cars and home . Tomule® really nailed it this time . 7000 pa and Grade G47 motor and that too in such a sleek iconic design really makes it worth the hype and appreciation . The A11 is one of the best portable vacuums in the industry and you can literally blind buy this on our recommendation
    • DUAL VARIANT- The Tomule® A11 handheld vacuum for car comes in two different variants - the first one is wired variant ( with USB car adapter ) and the other one is the cordless portable variant which has an inbuilt rechargeable 2000 mAh battery
    • SMART CHIP | EFFICIENT DEEP CLEANING- The A11 portable vacuum is powered by the proprietary Maxer® S16 Smart Chip which allows the vacuum cleaner to detect input material for the most efficient and quick vacuum cleaning . The load sensor technology allows to clean all types of particles including food , dust , hair , granules , microscopic elements in a matter of seconds . It is suitable for all surfaces may it be your car's leather seats or your upholstery's delicate cover
    • 7000 PA SUCTION | SUPERIOR ENGINEERING- The 7000 pa suction with 120W power makes it the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner on the market . The signature Tomule crafted vacuum motor revolves at an antoshing speed of 43000 r/min providing you the perfect 360° cleaning solution for your surroundings . Plus its completely noiseless ( <75 decibels ) thus adding to the ease of use
    • WET & DRY MODE- Not only its suitable for vacuuming solid particles but also for cleaning liquid spill in your car . The triple filter system with HEPA H11 filter at the primary end allows to even clean the minutest dust particles and bacteria thus is very useful for those with nose allergy . The HEPA filter is removable and can be easily washed for better usage
    • ANYWHERE ANYTIME- Being lightweight ( 485 grams ) and small ( 21.5 cm x 5.4 cm x 5.4 cm ) , its your go to cleaning solution for all situations . The long 5m USB adapter in the corded version and 2000 mAh battery in the cordless version ensures long usage time . Also the included flagship accessories ( extender , brush & silicone tube ) allow you to clean hard to reach areas effortlessly
    • THE DESIGN- There is no doubt that this is one of the most artistically designed mini portable vacuum ever . Featuring the sleek handheld design with dual lined silicone and matte finish , its one of the best car accessories you'll ever buy and it will surely contribute to cleaner and more hygienic surroundings in your car and home