Maxair® Cactus Mini Humidifier - Best Humdiifer for Bedroom

Are you looking for a cute humidifier for your bedroom that is smart , efficient and 100% safe ? Then guys , this cactus edition humidifier + air purifier with the innovative cactus design is the perfect gadget for you 

    • MAXAIR FLAGSHIP - This is a premium product by Maxair® thus featuring the most advanced inbuilt features with an equally creative and adorable design 
    • INTELLIGENT HUMIDIFICATION -  Being powered by the patented SERT + Tek ® microchip , the humidifier can detect the current atmosphere in your surroundings and then humidify the air according to the recommended level . Making sure that the air you breath is properly hydrated prevents you from many diseases and skin problems 
    • QUIET AND NANO ATOMISATION- The humidifier is completely noiseless and works on nano atomisation principle which ensures uniform humidification in the whole room . It thus makes it perfect for your bedroom  and one of the best humidifiers for babies too 
    • AIR PURIFYING + ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER - If you add some essential oil essence ( like lavender or rose ) , then this device works as a air purifier and purifies , freshens and refines the air thus reducing health hazards and you get both humdifer & air purifier in one . Also the fragrance of essential oils diffuse very quickly into the room giving your room an awesome refreshing vibe 
    • COLOURFUL LED LIGHTS- The room humidifier has in-Built Smart LED Lights which look really elegant especially at night . They look great in your bedroom and create a calm , soothing ambience around 
    • LARGE CAPACITY- The large 200 ml water capacity allows around 8-10 hours of continuous mist mode and its very easy to refill and clean the water tank 
    • BEST HUMIDIFIER FOR BEDROOM- This is our staff pick for the best humidifier for the bedroom because of the the noiseless ultrasonic humidification and delightful cactus design . It looks so mesmerising that you won't be able to take off your eyes from this little humidifier hydrating and purifying your air around you 
    • DUAL MODE- The speed of the operations (continuous and intermittent ) can be changed according to your convenience using the touch buttons making it very versatile 
    • USB INPUT KEY SWITCH - One Key Switch control when connected through USB Cable which is very easy and comfortable to use ( can be also used by connecting to your power bank or laptop )
    • PREMIUM BUILT AND 100% SAFE- The humidifier is built using highest grade certified ABS material and is 100% safe  for you , your family and kids 
    • BENEFITS OF HUMIDIFIER- The benefits of using an air humidifier is that it adds moisture to dry air which acts an as anti - ageing factor and prevents torn lips and cracked skin . It kills harmful germs and bacteria in the air thus protecting you against many harmful diseases and congestion . Also humidifiers increase concentration and reduce stress so are also suitable while doing yoga and meditation