Bebird® Visual ear Cleaning ( Premium Edition)

Ear cleaning has never been such easy and fun before the launch of this 7 th Generation gadget. Not only you will be amazed by its ultra cool design but also the efficiency through which it cleans your air !!!
    • 1ST VISUAL CLEANING DEVICE -The Bebird® is the world's first and most advanced visual. ear cleaning gadget which adapts smart app interface and 300 W High endoscope
    • 300 W HIGH ENDOSCOPE - 00 w high HD Endoscope for professional level visuals of your ear
    • SMART INTERFACE - The stick has an inbuilt High End WI-FI Chip which provides real time images of your ear to your smartphone and let you carry cleaning like never before
    • FOUR AXIS INTELLIGENT GYROSCOPE -The four axis gyroscope helps safe uniform cleaning without leaving any area or corner
    • MAGNETIC CHARGING BASE- No need to worry about the charging, Just place the stick in the base and it automatically starts charging . The base also has storage space for spare heads and accesories
    • SMART TEMPERATURE SENSOR- Allows to carry out cleaning with reference to the body temperature
    • 17 ACCESORIES -The box includes 17 accessories inv=cluding 6 ear scoops, 3 normal massage heads and 8 enjoyment massage heads
    • 100 % SAFE- The Bebird® is designed and manufactured under full doctor guidance and is tested and approved to be 100 % Safe for the ears ans skin. The Triple layer internal insulation provides complete safety to the ears
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a high end product and it manufactured using very high quality material, providing it enhanced durability and efficiency

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