Baseus® C1 Mini Car Vacuum | World's Smallest Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

You ask for it , and we make it  . Here it is guys - introducing the world's smallest and most portable cordless vacuum cleaner for your car and home . Trust us your life is gonna be so much easier with this and you don't need to load up your mind with how to clean your surroundings . Just hold it in your hand , turn on the button and you are good to go
    • MOST EASY TO USE HANDHELD VACUUM- So as you can easily judge , this mini vacuum is designed for complete noobies . No crappy wires , no heavy equipment , just a cute powerful vacuum to make sure that your car and surroundings are neater than ever
    • POWERFUL SUCTION | CLEANS ALL TYPES OF MATERIALS- Despite its tiny size , this cordless vacuum cleaner features a 1000 pa suction ( powered by our proprietary Baseus® Magic Dual Motor ) . It can thus clean all kinds of paper bits , dust and dirt , food grains , pet hair etc in matter of milliseconds . The 0.5 litres dust box is sufficient for long term use and can easily be emptied out
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE - The mini vacuum for car works on a 900 mAh lithium ion battery which is reachargeable and gives a working time of about 50 minutes on 1 single charge . Thus being cordless , it is really versatile and can be carried around anywhere - providing a go-to cleaning solution for all situations
    • PERFECT FOR KIDS- We designed this vacuum cleaner with kids' usage a major factor in consideration . If you are trying to instill in your kids the feeling of cleanliness and organisation , there is no better gadget than this one . Complete noiseless operation with single button control and safety insulation makes it 100% safe for kids
    • MULTI - USE- This is not only a good vacuum cleaner for car interior but also for study table , pencil shavings , home upholstery , wood cabinets , PC keyboards , MacBook Keyboard etc.
    • THE DESIGN- This is one of our best handheld vacuum cleaners that really nailed it in terms of design . The unique capsule like construction with pure aluminium built makes it one of the most beautifully crafted car vacuums ever . Plus its available in 4 vibrant colours which look real awesome . Also the Baseus® C2 Mini Vacuum has been launched , do give it a check 
    • A WORD ABOUT ENGINEERING- Tech Nerds would be surely able to appreciate the engineering behind this product . Integrating a 1000 pa suction system with radiator into a space of 4.5 cm. is kind of impossible task but this vacuum cleaner made it possible and led to the development of IG34 Inter Motor technology in our collaboration with Baseus . We are really proud of this and it certainly holds many applications on the future

    MODEL NAME Baseus Mini Cordless Vacuum C1
    USAGE TYPE Handheld ( Wireless ) 
    BATTERY  900 mAh Lithium Battery - Rechargeable 
    CHARGING TYPE  USB C Type ( Included ) 
    SIZE  6 cm. L x 6 cm. W x 11 cm H.
    WEIGHT  125 grams 


    FCC , Baseus LABS , Grey Technologies Level 3 
    COLOUR Pink , White , Green , Black 
    FILTER  200 Mesh Microporous Filter 
    CONTROL   Single Touch Button Control 
    NOISE  < 70 db 
    DUSTBIN CAPACITY  0.5 Litres 
    USP / UVP  Unique Capsule Design , Easy Control and Strong Suction 
    WARRANTY  1 Year + Lifetime Technical Support