A true gamer takes the choice if his accessories very seriously. Whether it may be his controller, his chair, his RGB Gradient and even his watch !!! And, this premium one of a kind watch by Badpoker® is certainly a novelty for the true gamers
    • 🎭 ONE OF A KIND - This watch is not a normal quartz. watch . This watch is a piece of art and creativity. The inner spectrum moves with the passing of time which looks really cool
    • 🎭PREMIUM GAMING BLUE STRAP -The double secure buckle strap is made of premium grade steel mash which fells really smooth and comfortable
    • 🎭CRYSTAL PRECISION -As usual , the Badpoker watches are designed to provide the most precise and accurate time
    • 🎭WATER RESISTANCE - The watch is IPX8 waterproof and can withstand water or other liquid contact
    • 🎭PROPULSION DIAL - The silver premium dial gives you a really professional and smooth look
    • 🎭GREY TECHNOLOGIES EXCLUSIVE - The Badpoker® Vistron is exlusively officially available on Grey Technologies thus you can be absolutely sure about the authenticity of your watch