Swessel® Air Humidifier - Best Humidifier for Baby

Winter is coming and so is that stubborn dry weather and thus of course you need an air humidifier for you as well your little babies . And we have designed this cute little humidifier specially for that purpose and its our pick for the ' best humidifier for baby '
    • SMART HUMIDIFICATION -This is a smart air humidifier for bedroom which means that the inbuilt intelligent system can detect the present atmosphere in your surroundings and then it moisturises and humidifies the air in relation to that , which provides a much more efficient and scientific humidification and makes sure that the air you breathe is properly hydrated and see of germs 
    • ULTRA CUTE PANDA DESIGN -This room humidifier is so cute and adorable that you won't be able to keep your eyes off it . The panda like design makes it perfect for babies and they love playing and interacting with it 
    • 7 LED LIGHTS -This is the most amazing part of this humidifier . It has in-Built Smart 7 LED night lights which keep on changing automatically and look really sweet especially at night . It creates a very soothing and delightful ambience in your room beside adding the healthy aspect to it 
    • LARGE 300ML CAPACITY -  The large 300 ml water tank of the air humidifier is enough to provide 18-22 hours of continuous mist spray which makes it very convenient as you don't have to refill it again and again 
    • VERY EASY TO USE / REFILL / CLEAN- This baby humidifier is very simple to use . Just lift the cup , fill in normal tap water , press the button and you are good to go . The large spherical opening makes it very easy to refill , clean and wipe making it very hygienic for use
    • QUIET AND NANO ATOMISATION-The humidifier is completely noiseless and works on nano atomisation principle which ensures uniform humidification in the whole room . This makes it perfectly suitable for babies and can be used while sleeping too 
    • USB INPUT KEY SWITCH -One Key Switch control when connected through USB cable which is very easy and comfortable to use . It uses very minimal energy and the internal dual insulation technology prevents it from heating up 
    • BEST HUMIDIFIER FOR BABY- Being BPA free, ETL listed and CA65 tested , this is really the best humidifier for babies and the adorable design makes it even more amazing 
    • THE DESIGN- The humidifier is an amazing blend of design and technology . The cute panda design with 7 different LED lighting and matte textured body is suitable for all use types . Being very lightweight and small , this air humidifier can be carried around anywhere which comes in very handy 
    • PREMIUM BUILT AND 100% SAFE -The humidifier is built using highest grade certified material and is 100% safe for you and your family . This in one of our premium products and is guaranteed to deliver you unparalleled efficiency and durability 


    • Cleans and Purifies the air , killing the harmful germs and bacteria in the air which in turn helps in healthy development of babies and prevents from infections 
    • Keeps your skin moist and prevents drying and deterioration of skin 
    • Prevents cracked skin and wrinkles on your face due to dry air , also effective in treating dry lips 
    • Reduce stress, create a calm soothing atmosphere and is great if you are doing yoga or meditation 
    • Keeps the body cells fully hydrated and thus prevents from many diseases
    • Most of the doctors and health consultants advise to use humidifiers at least for some hours in the day 
    • Portable and easy to carry anywhere
    • Cute design 
    • 7 different LED lighting 



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