Gas Tank Humidifier | Best Humidifier for Baby

Looking for a cute , efficient and safe humidifier for your baby ? Then this little humidifier with gorgeous LED lighting and unique gas tank design is certainly the best humidifier for babies . Not only it looks super cute in your bedroom but also the advanced efficient technology makes sure that the air around your baby is always moisturised and hydrated 
    • MAXAIR FLAGSHIP -This is a premium product by Maxair® and as you all know that Maxair® is the industry standard for home based room humidifiers . This is a specially designed humidifer for babies but also is suitable for adults 
    • SMART HUMIDIFICATION-The humidifier has built in smart sensing system which humidifies the room according to the atmosphere and moisture in your room . Thus the air around you is efficiently moisturised and you don't have to worry about those dry skin problems again . The air that your child breathes is hydrated to the optimum level which helps prevent him/her from many diseases 
    • QUIET AND NANO ATOMISATION-The humidifier is completely noiseless and works on nano atomisation principle which ensures uniform humidification in the whole room . Its thus super convenient to use when your baby is sleeping and creates a calm , soothing ambience in the room 
    • AIR PURIFYING - If you add some essential oil essence ( like lavender or rose ) , then this device works as an air purifier and purifies , freshens and refines the air thus reducing health hazards . Also the oil fragrances diffuses very quickly giving your room a floral gourmand vibe. Thus you get both humidifier and air purifier in one device . Essential oils are known to improve sleep and also contributes to healthy development of kids 
    • EXQUISITE GAS TANK DESIGN-This cute humidifier is a true piece of art and showcases ultra cool design blended with the most advanced technology  . The gas tanks design looks gorgeous and babies live it too 
    • COLOURFUL LED LIGHTS-The humidifier has in-built smart LED lights which look really really cool , especially at night and enhances the aesthetics of your home . Kids love to watch the humidifier with lights on it working and moisturising the room 
    • LARGE CAPACITY-The humidifier has a large 300 ml capacity tank which is enough for 2 days before you would have to change the water again 
    • TRIPLE MODE-The speed of the operations ( continuous fog mode , intermittent mode and cool mist mode ) can be changed using one touch button which adds to the convenience and you can adjust the settings according to your needs 
    • USB INPUT KEY SWITCH -One Key Switch control when connected through USB Cable which is very easy and comfortable to use ( can be also used by connecting to your power bank , phone or laptop )
    • BEST HUMIDIFIER FOR BABY- This is really the cutest and best humidifier for babies as well as adults . The sweet design coupled with LED night light and smart humidification makes it very versatile and also because its very lightweight you can carry it or keep it anywhere you want . It was listed by Sally Home Magazine in the Top 10 Baby Humidifiers in 2021 
    • PREMIUM BUILT AND 100% SAFE-The humidifier is built using highest grade certified material and is 100% safe for you and your family . Its designed to give you years of unparalleled durability and you really can't go wrong with this purchase 


    • Cleans and Purifies the air and reduces potential respiratory hazards for your and your baby 
    • Keeps the skin moist and prevents drying and cracking  of skin 
    • Reduce stress, create a calm soothing atmosphere and is highly recommended if you are doing yoga or meditation 
    • Keeps the body cells hydrated  to the effective level and prevents from many diseases
    • Portable and easy to carry anywhere
    • Effectively reduces headaches , cracked lips and dry throat
    • Decreases nasal congestion  in kids and helps loosen mucus 



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