Automatic Toothpick Dispenser for Smart Home

When everything in your home is becoming smarter and automated , then why not your toothpick dispenser be smart ??? So , here it is - introducing the world's first smart toothpick dispenser that automatically takes out and offers a toothpick to you when you put your hadn't near it  

    • SMART SENSOR- The automatic toothpick dispenser works on an intelligent sensor technology so that when you bring your hand above it , the toothpicks will automatically come out in a thin panel which looks really cool
    • EFFICIENT DETECTION- The advanced infrared mechanism ensure accurate and very efficient detection for smooth operation . It takes less than 0.30 seconds for the detection and the toothpick tray to come out 
    • IN-BUILT STERILISATION- The toothpick dispenser has an in built UV Sterilisation function to keep your toothpicks 100% bacteria and germs free . It thus makes it much more hygienic than normal toothpicks and also as there is no touching , it makes it more clean and manner-able when there are guests or you are having a family dinner 
    • LARGE CAPACITY- The device can store one full big packet of standard toothpicks so you don't have to refill for 2-3 months . Its very easy to refill the dock of the toothpick dispenser adding to the convenience 
    • FOOD GRADE QUALITY- The toothpick dispenser is made of 100% FDA Approved  material which is BPA free so that the toothpicks are completely safe for you and your kids and have absolutely no adverse effects . The UV cleaning even adds to the benefits by killing the bacteria and germs on the surface of toothpicks 
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN - The automatic toothpick dispenser features a sleek minimalistic design coupled with innovative technology which makes it perfect for the modern smart homes . The white minimalistic look and matte finish looks really cool on your dining table or in the kitchen
    • HOW TO USE- After you put the AAA batteries into the dispenser , just keep it on a flat surface like a dining table . Bring your hand closer to the toothpick dispenser and it will detect and a pop up tray with single toothpick will be pulled out automatically . When you take the toothpick , it will automatically go inside . So there is no hand touching and its a cool smart solution ( it looks very hitech when the toothpick slot comes out and goes back and you are gonna love that )