B&N® Anti Gravity Mug

This is literally the coolest beverage mug ever designed . No matter what , this mug will not fall !!!
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a high end product by B&N® and features advanced mechanism with premium grade material 
    • ANTI - GRAVITY- Due to its specially designed Vohlorn geometrics this cool mug can stabilise itself multiple times in one faction and thus the reverse pull prevents it from falling ( In simple words this cup will never fall and thus your drinks and surroundings are safe ). This mug is really useful for desk situations where you have sizzling coffee in your mug and your laptop on your side . We actually came up with this idea when Jamie ( our Design Team head ) in our office ended up destroying his MacBook by his orange juice 😅
    • HIT IT , PUSH IT , PUNCH IT- We have tested this magic mug  in a real hardcore way and it can withstand all types of hits , pushes , accidental slides and most of other such stuff . It balances itself immediately and the drink never splashes 
    • HIGH GRADE MATERIAL- The cup is constructed using antibacterial steel liner + ABS resin cup body thus making it completely BPA Free and 100 % safe for your consumption
    • INSULATION- The dual insulated coating protects the mug from heating up and maintains constant temperature 
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN- The handle of the cup is precisely designed to give you full comfort and stable grip while drinking
    • THE DESIGN- The design detail  is very premium and minimalistic and looks really cool . It really looks like an expensive limited edition mug and is also perfect for using at work 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The B&N® Anti- Gravity Mug . All rights reserved and protected

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