BeskillĀ® AirPods Case ( Halloween Edition )

When you get a costume for halloween the why not your AirPods get one ???
    • šŸŽƒPREMIUM EDITON- This is a premium AirPods case designed by BeskillĀ® specially for The Halloween
    • šŸŽƒTHE BUILT- The BeskillĀ® Halloween Edition is sturdy , smooth , spooky and feel very textured and premium
    • šŸŽƒCOMPATIBILITY- The case is specially designed for The Apple AirPods 1 and 2 and provide top in line compatibility and very smooth placement and removal
    • šŸŽƒTHE MATERIAL- As aways , the case is made of 100% pure silicone thus making it one of the most high quality cases on the market besides being 100% scratch-proof and tear proof
    • šŸŽƒPROTECTION- Besides looking ultra cool , the case also provide full protection to your AirPods and you don't have to worry about risk of damage to the AirPods
    • šŸŽƒCHARGE FRIENDLY- The cutout for charger ensures that you are able to charge your AirPods easily while wearing the Halloween Case
    • šŸŽƒKEYCHAIN- The case comes with aluminium keychain thus making it very easy and stale to carry around
    • šŸŽƒULTRA COOL- The pumpkin design with precisely caved widgets looks really cool especially with the Halloween season coming around

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