Baseus® Air Purifier for Car + Aroma Diffuser


We all are now aware of the hazards related to the breathing of formaldehyde released from the interior of our cars while travelling . Therefore we have collaborated with Baseus® to launch this super efficient air purifier for car so that you can always be sure about the safety of you , family and kids 

    • FORMALDEHYDE REMOVAL- The inbuilt intelligent nano carbon ( active purifying ) diffusion chip eliminates about 81% of the present formaldehyde in the car along with the other toxic chemicals which are generated when sunlight falls on the plastic interiors . Its ROHS certified with 47 laboratory verified test results . The active carbon technology is by far the most efficient mechanism to break the formaldehyde bonds and this car air purifier utilises the same principle 
    • AROMA DIFFUSER | CAR AIR FRESHENER- Apart from serving as an excellent air purifier , this gadget also works as a great aroma diffuser and fills you car with an amazing fresh cologne . The fragrance is specially designed from 100% pure organic sources and its really one of the best and most refreshing car fragrances you'll ever smell . The concentrated aroma molecules are diffused on intelligent intervals thus spreading it uniformly and making the refill last for 180 days after which you can buy a refill . It comes in two variants - light breeze and pure cologne 
    • NO SIDE EFFECT- As the inputs are naturally extracted , there is no side effect and the purification is noiseless . Beside adding an extravagant aroma to your car , it also makes pungent smell and chemicals fade away for a better travelling experience 
    • PERFECT FOR BABIES AND PREGNANT WOMEN- Pregnant women and little babies are more exposed from the risk of formaldehyde and thus this car air purifier ensures a safe travelling lifestyle for them
    • ONE TOUCH USE | PLACE AND USE- No need to stick the base anywhere . Just simply keep the air purifier in the car's cup holder and press the surface to activate the purification process  The intensity of aroma diffuser can be adjusted by rotating the top which feels amazing to use 
    • THE DESIGN & BUILT- Being built using the highest grade aviation metal alloy with all organically blended aroma , the air purifier promises years of unparalleled efficiency and duality . The integrated nano carbon  mechanism is safely integrated inside the inner compartment . Also the gorgeous minimalistic design with an equally refined frosted surface looks great in you car making it one of the most useful car accessories 
    • ENDLESS APPLICATIONS- Because of the small lightweight design ,its easy to carry around and is perfect as an air humidifier for cars , offices , study rooms , meditation centres and baby nurseries