Krestflow® 3D Pen Printer

We all know about 3D printers but have you heard about a 3D Pen ? Yes guys, this is a reality now . We have collaborated with Krestflow® to introduce this awesome gadget for you and this can literally bring your drawings to life 
    • THIS IS REVOLUTION- Really guys , this invention is one of the best things we are proud of and it is pure magic . Imagine how cool it would be that you draw something and it becomes a reality . 
    • EASY OPERATION- The 3D pen printer is super simple to use . Just load our special filament into the pen , turn on the button and draw anything you want - it will be come real !!! We have designed it as a normal pen so its very convenient to hold and draw various artistic things 
    • PRACTICE- At starting , the 3D pen is a bit difficult to use and you may not be able to craft perfect object  but as you will practice , you will master it within a week or so 
    • DUAL SPEED- The dual sped function allows you to control the speed of the pen according to your comfort 
    • 100% SAFE- The pen has triple layer insulated coating and internal safety chip and is thus 100% safe for use . Its a great 3D pen both for professional as well as kids 
    • SAMRT LED DISPLAY- The Smart LED Display makes the operation very simple and indicates when the pen in ready to draw . All you can control the temperature accordingly 
    • THE FILAMENT- The special filament we provide you is enough to last for around 6 months and after that you can order some more filament from us or you can also get it from your local supplies store . When you purchase this product you will get 100 metres of the filament of 20 different colors 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a high end product by Krestflow® and has won numerous utility awards including The CERT 2020

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