Spectriel® LED Purge Mask - Best Halloween Mask

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This is NEXT LEVEL Halloween Stuff !!! The Spectriel® Purge Mask is the most badass and scariest Halloween Mask ever designed . So whether you are roaming around in the streets with your Halo Gang scaring the hell out of our buddies or you wanna be the attention grabber at the Night Party , this iconic Purge LED Mask got you possessed ( Pun Intended )  

    • SUPER SPOOKY HALLOWEEN MASK- The Purge LED Mask is undoubtedly the scariest Halloween Mask of all time . The Neon LED Lights along with that Devilish Face gives a pure Halloween Vibe and you literally can't get scarier ( and cooler ) than this 
    • NEON LED LIGHTS- The most awesome part about the Purge Mask is the Neon LED Lights Features . When you turn on the Switch , the Mask Lights glow up and it just looks .... ☠️
    • EASY CONTROLS | 3 DIFFERENT MODES- The Spectriel® Control Box which goes into your pocket lets you change the Lighting Mode to Fast Flash , Slow Flash , Steady Lighting and On/Off which makes it really simple to use and you can create some cool LED Patterns with your gang
    • 100% SAFE- Our Light Up Purge Mask features a Level 3 Safety Control feature . The Twek® premium LED Lights that are embedded in the mask are totally safe for eyes . The insulated EL Cold wire doesn't cause any UV damage to the skin and the silicone cushion padding lets you wear the mask for hours without any kind of discomfort
    • BE THE PARTY STAR- Being lightweight and with an ultra long battery life , The  Purge Glow Mask is really versatile and is perfect for Halloween Parties , Nightclub Parties and StreetStyle Parties