MIFA® AIR'20 ( Casele Encore Edition)

Your wait is over guys !!! The Mifa® Air'20 are finally here . We promised that these would be super exclusive and Oh boyy they are ! The patented inbuilt Beryllium Drivers coupled with the integrated flagship geometric design surely makes them one of the most dynamic gadgets of 2020
    • PREMIUM EDITION -The Mifa® Air '20 are one of the most appreciated gadgets of 2020 and are ranked on the list of most premium level bluetooth earbuds available on the market
    • ULTRA RICH CASELE HI-FI SOUND - The inbuilt MAXR® microphochip drivers will give you a ultra rich smooth music experience and a highly immersive and dynamic surround quality that you have never experienced before 
    • THE PATENTED BERYLLIUM DRIVERS  - The patented triple cone beryllium amplification provides a 3X better bass and the internal AI chip adjusts the bass according to the music track thus giving you a true music experience 
    • FLAGSHIP CHARGING CASE-The elegant spherical charging case has an inbuilt battery of 450 mAh and can charge the earbuds fully 4-5 times. The case features a very minimalistic sleek look with sturdy geometrical construction and magnetic calibration
    • SMART TOUCH CONTROL - The earbuds feature smart touch control and finger touch can be used to change songs, answer calls, change volume settings , Access Siri and Google Assistant etc
    • COMFORTABILITY -The earbuds are ergonomically designed to give long hours of continuous listening comfort. The soft silicone covering on the earbuds ensure 100 % comfort and listening ease and make sure that the earbuds don't fall even while running or cycling
    • AUTO PAIR AND CALIBRATION -The earbuds automatically turn on and calibrate when taken out of the charging case 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 - Inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 Interface for smooth wireless connection with all your phones, PCs, MacOS, Ps4 and Xbox
    • HI-FI MICROPHONE - InBUilt High Definition mic so you can enjoy hands free calling and voice assistant very smoothly
    • ADVANCED WATERPROOF -The 3 level Waterproof technology  eliminates any threat of damage from water , rain or sweat 
    • PROFESSIONAL MUSIC- This is a high end tech  product by MIFA® and Grey Technologies collaborations and portrays a unique dynamic design with the most advanced sound quality and operation 

     Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Mifa® Air '20 . All rights reserved and protected   

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