Joyroom® Mounting Wireless Car Charger | Gravity Phone Holder

Make your driving experience easier , safer and more fun with the Joyroom® wireless charger specially designed for cars . One of the most secure and stable ones in the industry , this wireless charger is perfect for all  types of situations and all types of phones 
    • QI CERTIFIED | BOTH IOS AND ANDROID- The car wireless charger is Qi supported and is thus seamlessly compatible with all major smartphones which support wireless charging . The phone case doesn't need to be removed except for in chance of wooden cases 
    • SMART CHARGING | 100% SAFE- The proprietary 64E Core microprocessor detects your system automatically and thus alters the output accordingly to provide the most effective wireless charging . Inbuilt overcharge protection , heat dissipation and short circuit control make sure that the charging is 100% safe and there is no risk if damage to your phone
    • 15 W SUPERIOR WIRELESS CHARGING- The Joyroom® car wireless charger utilises the efficiency of the S40 Copper Capacitor coupled with 15 W Max power to give your smartphone a quick turbo charge on standard input . What’s more, the build-in battery allows you to operate 2-3 times after turning off the car
    • STABLE SUPPORT AND 360° ROTATION- The air vent mount is equipped with 2 gears of angular gyro clips and the 3.0 Neo electromagnets in the suction cup make sure that your phone is securely mounted and you really don't have to worry about damage even on bumpy roads . The fully 360° rotation allows your phone to be oriented horizontally or vertically to get a suitable angle for safe driving, hands free calling and GPS Navigation access
    • AUTOMATIC ONE TOUCH CLAMP- Pick and Place can be used to open the hands via infrared sensor . As soon as you place your phone , the lower arc retracts to perfectly interlock to it and thus the wireless charger is suitable for all sizes and thickness
    • CERTIFICATIONS- The Wireless Charger for Car is certified as in ROHS , CCC and FCC Global . The high grade metallic + ABS built coupled with the most high grade internal structure guarantees years of unparalleled durability