We know guys you have been asking for an effective home gym solution for a long time and thus this gadget from Zeblaze Corporation is just for you. We know it is really expensive but trust us - the results you'll achieve will be tremendous !!!
    • DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS- This home treadmill cum rope fitness equipment has been designed after months of R&D and is recommended for professional level workouts
    • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY- The dual levitation push technology provides ultra efficient workout and provide 80% of the results as a professional treadmill which is absolutely amazing
    • RESISTANCE TRAINING- In addition to cardio ,the elastic ropes provides resistance band training which effectively targets body fat , hips, leg muscles and arm fat
    • LCD DATA DISPLAY- The smart LCD screen provides highly accurate data about the workout , calories and results so you can track your fitness
    • ZERO NOISE- The inbuilt silica layering makes the equipment completely noiseless and allow you to do effective noiseless workout at home
    • ADJUSTABLE PEDALS AND AMPLITUDE- The adjustable pedals system and amplitude controller allows you to adjust the equipment according to your suitability and thus can be used by the whole family
    • 100 % STEEL- The equipment is manufactured using 100% A Grade steel which provides it unparalleled strength and durability