Getting ready for a big office presentation👨‍💼 ???

Then how can you forget our advanced presentation pen that we specially built for this purpose

👨‍💻This wireless gadget is designed specially for professional executives and will really make your tasks much much easier and professional 

    • 👨‍💻PROFESSIONAL EDITION - This Xiaomi® laser pen is designed and manufactured for professional presentation purposes and is trusted my thousands of executives
    • 👨‍💻SMART LASER -Advanced Infrared Laser technology which helps you to point on the projector screen and showcase your presenatation
    • 👨‍💻USB DONGLE - The USB Dongle which is placed beneath the pen can be used to connect to you PC, Projector , Laptop or other screens
    • 👨‍💻REMOTE FUNCTIONS_ When the dongle is connected to the output ,the buttons on the pen can be used to forward the page , scroll the page and to enable full screen
    • 👨‍💻LARGE BATTERY LIFE- Works on a single AAA Battery which can last upto minimum 8 months
    • 👨‍💻MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- The pen is very artistically designed for executive professionals and features a sleek , metallic design with geometric finish
    • 👨‍💻POCKET PEN- Being very small, light and portable , this tool can be carried in your pocket. Also the USB Dongle is placed inside the pen which is very convenient