If you are looking for a multi splitter hub for your MacBook, then we bet you won't find anything cuter than this . And its look is not the only thing . The Orico Hub is designed and programmed to provide highest compatibility and speed with the MacBook and thus is a must gadget for Mac users
    • 4 US 3.0 PORTS - The hub expands one MacBook Port into 3 USB C Type Ports so you can carry out your work more efficiently
    • 4 CARD SLOTS - The hub also has 4 Card slots which allow simultaneous reading of TF/SD/CF/MS Cards on your Mac
    • ULTRA HIGH SPEED- Due to the inbuilt dual lithium microchips , the hub provides ultra fast data transfer upto 5 GB/Sec which is 2.8 times faster than any other hub
    • PLUG AND PLAY- No driver or additional softwares required. The hub works on simple plug and play technology
    • RELIABLE- The hub has been tested and programmed with all the MacBooks and it provides reliable , smooth connectivity and also helps you to connect external mouses, keyboards and controllers to your Mac
    • DURABILITY- The hub is manufactured using high grade ABS Aluminium and Silica which provides years of unparalleled durability and safety