Frankever® Smart Plug for Google Home & Alexa ( US Version )

Its the time you get control of each and every home appliance in your smartphone . We have collaborated with Frankever® to come out with this amazing smart plug and its by far the most advanced smart socket system ever built ( 😎 isn't it the case with all of our products ? ) 
    •  ADVANCED SMART INTERFACE -The smart plug has inbuilt intelligent  microchips so that you can control all your devices through your smart phone and even set 100s of automation rules . You can turn on/off , set timers , control children's screen time and get full control of your house at just one place 
    • MOST ADVANCED SMART PLUG- This smart plug by Frankever® works on our proprietary M65 core chip which allows it to integrate with all your devices seamlessly and provide the whole control in your smartphone along with tons of automation and preference customisations 
    • NOTHING ELSE REQUIRED- The most amazing part is that you don't need any other hub , driver or tedious installations . Just install this plug into your normal socket , connect your device ( like T.V , refrigerator etc. ) and boom , you just made your home smarter . Also if you buy multiple plugs , all those can be controlled with a single app , thus adding to the convenience
    • WORKS WITH EACH AND EVERY DEVICE- This smart plug will work with all your tech devices including televisions , routers , lamps , refrigerators , microwaves , dryers , air conditioners etc. Also the smart plugs have an inbuilt sensing mechanism adding an additional safety layer to your devices from short circuiting ( according to CES , smart plugs reduce the risk of short circuits by 78% compared to the normal plugs ) 
    • REMOTE CONTROLLING  -No need to worry about forgetting switches and appliances to turn off . Control your appliances from anywhere at anytime even when you are not at home 
    • ALEXA and GOOGLE HOME COMPATIBLE - This is a smart plug for Google Home and Alexa . So you can also control all the appliances with your voice in addition to the smartphone app . Eg- say , Alexa , turn off the desk light , turn on the air conditioner at 4:00 p.m etc. 
    • ANDROID AND IOS - The smartphone app is compatible with both Android and iOS and also with your tablets and iPads ( download from QR code given in the instruction manual ). The app is simple , easy to use and gives you seamless control actions for your smart home 
    • AUTOMATION AND TIMERS - You can set up various automation rules . Eg. Turn on the switch at 8:00 p.m , Turn off the Lamp at 4:00 pm , Turn on the heater when I come home and much more 
    • SHARE ACCESS - You can even send the access of your home appliances to other people or family members which comes in handy when you are not at home 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This smart plug is a premium product under our collaboration with Frankever® . Being built from the highest quality microchips and outer material , it is designed to give you years of unparalleled efficiency and durability . The quality and ease of life this product will give you , certainly makes it one of the best investments for your home