Yeelight® Pro Smart Bulb ( Smart Bulb with Alexa & Google Home )


Making your home smarter and more intelligent ??? Then, this smart bulb from Yeelight® with 16 million different colour combinations is just the perfect gadget for you . Guys , we have been designing making and using smart home gadget for like 6 years and trust us this is the best and most versatile smart bulb ever designed . Yes agreed , its a lot expensive but the quality you are gonna get will certainly make it one of the best investments for your home

    • 🙌🏻 WORLD'S NO 1 SMART LAMP -The Yeelight® Pro Smart Bulb  has been rated the most efficient smart bulb in 2022 . Its by far the most technologically advanced smart LED bulb and what makes it so special is the proprietary M118® Core chip which allows it to integrate with all smart home systems whilst providing a lot of colour and control features 
    • SMART PHONE CONTROL- The inbuilt sensor microchip allows you to control the smart bulb from anywhere through your smartphone ( Download the app through the QR code given in the manual) . You can change the colour , turn on / off , change brightness , set intelligent timers , access wake up function and much more . It connects with all your devices - Android , iOS , iPad and Tablets 
    • 16 MILLION COLOURS- The Yeelight Smart Bulb boasts of the most dynamic colour gradient catalogue with over 16 million colour shades combination and full RGB contrast . You can have different shades each and every day and your home's gonna look so much more elegant 
    • ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME- This is the best smart bulb with Alexa and Google Home so you can just use your voice to control the bulb ( Eg- just say - Hi Alexa , dim the light to 50% brightness , change the colour to fluorescent red etc. ) . Also the connection with the app is very smooth and seamless and it would just take 30 seconds or so to fully calibrate the smart bulb with your Alexa or Google Home systems 
    •  THE VERSATILITY- The most amazing feature of this smart bulb is that it requires no extra hub , no extra installation and literally you need nothing beside the bulb . Just take the smart bulb , install it anywhere like you do with your normal bulb , connect to the app and boom , you just made your home smarter !!!
    • ADJUSTABLE COLOUR AND TEMPERATURE - Through your phone you can configure the colour and temperature of the smart bulb and also set automation rules like - Switch on the Smart Bulb at 8:00 p.m . There are tons of customisable commands that you can set and change which becomes really convenient to use
    • ENERGY SAVING ( ECO -FRIENDLY) -  Ofcourse , as a smart bulb uses less power than the tungsten ones so you are directly contributing to a sustainable living 
    • THE EXPERIENCE- It feels really amazing and satisfying when you can control the lightings of your home by just using your smartphone or voice commands . All the lights of your home can be controlled from one place with just one touch , We have these all around in our office and our office is now so much cooler than before 
    • BLIND BUY - Again guys , we don't wanna push hard but we really say that blind buy this product on our recommendation . When we decided to diversify into smart bulb category , we chose Yeelight because we knew the level of technology they have
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium product under our Smart Home project and is designed to provide you years of durability and efficiency . The life of this smart bulb is way more higher than your traditional lights and you certainly won't need a replacement for like the time we all don't turn into zombies 

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