Nordic Smart Light - Motion Sensor Indoor Light

Making your home smarter and intelligent ??? Then this motion activated smart light is just the perfect gadget for you 

    • INTELLIGENT MOTION DETECTION-The smart light works on our proprietary SEG 06 sensing technology which is by far the most technologically advanced motion detection system . The light automatically turns on when it detects someone or a movement . So say you install the lights in your hallway,  whenever someone crosses it or comes there , the lamps light up automatically which looks really cool
    • DUAL SENSORS-In built dual thermal sensing tech which provide precise and accurate detection and operation 
    • DUAL BRIGHTNESS -The smart light has 2 inbuilt brightness modes- Low Gear for gentle warm light and High Gear for bright illumination and filling the whole surroundings . The light is warm and creates a pleasing calming ambience 
    • SAY GOODBYE TO PLUGS -This lamp requires no wires, no plugs , no installation . It has universal magnetic base which can stick to any wall, cabinet, table or any other surface . So you just have to take the light and put it anywhere you want . The electronic magnets are very strong and have years of durability thus the lamps are in no risk of falling off
    • 360 DEGREE ROTATION-This motion sensor indoor light has a flexible neck and can be rotated 360 degree to adjust your needs thus providing a full coverage section for uniform light in the area 
    • PORTABLE- Being very lightweight , small and magnetic , it can be easily carried around and placed anywhere . Thus becomes really convenient to use and you can install it anywhere - in the bedroom , bathroom , drawing room , kitchen , bedside , inside the cupboard etc. 
    • 365 DAYS STANDBY -The motion sensor light works on normal AAA batteries which provides a large 365 days standby time and you don't have to thus replace the batteries again and again ( no power outlet needed so you are free to install it in any part of your house ) 
    • 🌎ECO FRIENDLY- As the smart lamps consume such a low power usage , you are directly contributing to an eco friendly and sustainable living ( to give you the facts , this light uses 34 times less power than a traditional light bulb )
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN-This is a premium product under our collaboration with H&C® and very is artistically created and portrays a fine blend of design and technology . The smart lights certainly enhance the aesthetics of your house and is perfect for modern smart homes . Also we have a large range of other hitech smart home gadgets , do check them out , you are gonna love them