What all can your power bank do ?? Charge your phone ??? That's it ??? Well, this power bank is much much more than it !!!

    • REAL 6000 MAH- Real 6000 mAh Capacity which can easily charge your hone 2-3 times. The high density Li-Polymer battery is highly efficient and thus makes it a very powerful gadget
    • ULTRA FAST CHARGING - The inbuilt advanced lithium chips provide ultra fast charging ( around 1.8 times faster than normal power banks )
    • USEFUL CABLES AND ADAPTERS INCLUDED -In this power bank, comes a premium ultra fast USB C to USB C Cable and 3 high quality adapters- A to C ,C to Micro USB and C to iPhone Adapter
    • SLOTS - Included 2 nano SIM Card slots, 1 TF Card Slots and one SIM Ejector pin which is very useful and handy especially when you are travelling abroad
    • SOLID LID - You don't have to worry about the lid. It is designed in. a way that the power bank remains closed firmly and the adapters and SIM cards are totally safe
    • CHARGING INDICATOR- Smart LED Charging indicator on the front bezel of the power bank
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a high end product and is manufactured using very high grade material , providing it ultra long durability and efficiency