Hidizs PRO MP3 (Premium Edition)

If you are a person who truly appreciates the concept of MP3 Portable players or you are a collector of luxury tech products, then The Hidizs MP3 is just the perfect gadget for you !! . IT is not just a status symbol bit also a novelty for the real tech lovers
    • ESS 80 DECODING CHIP - The Hidizs Pro has an inbuilt ESS 80 Decoding Choip which makes it one of the best MP3 players money can buy
    • HD DISPLAY -The 2.45 inches Ultra HD Display looks really cool and you can easily browse then player or even play videos
    • PEDOMETER FUNCTION- The inbuilt motion chi[ allows you to access the accurate pedometer function so you can keep a count of your daily steps and fitness goals
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 -The advanced bluetooth interface allows smooth wireless connection with all your devices
    • FM MODE- The mini frequency chip inside the MP# Player lets you get access to your local radio channel also
    • CLOCK FUNCTION - The MP3 player also has a clock feature so you can see time , set alarms and reminders etc
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end product in collaboration of Grey Technologies and Hidizs Electronics Corporation. The 100 % pure Stainless steel built provides unparalleled durability for years