VITAMER® Portable Wireless Blender 350 ML


Need something healthy , nutritious and tasty for your daily workout energy ??? Then this portable blender will surely be your best friend 

    • 🍋 HEALTHY DRINKS ANYWHERE -The portable blender allows you to make your shakes, smoothies, protein drinks anytime anywhere,. Just add your choice of fruits, add milk or water , press the button and you are good to go
    • 🍋MIGHTY - The powerful stainless steel 6 axis blade can slice, chop and crush the fruits and ice perfectly without leaving even a single trace of pulp, solid particle of residue . So you can enjoy clear healthy smoothies anywhere
    • 🍋WIRELESS AND PORTABLE- The blender is very lightweight and can be carried anywhere. It has a large inbuilt battery and can be recharged through the USB Cable
    • 🍋500 ML CAPACITY-Large 500 ml capacity which is enough for a single person
    • 🍋NO NEED OF GLASS- The smoothie or shake can be directly drunk from the blender which becomes very easy and comfortable
    • 🍋ONE KEY CONTROL -Single key control to turn the blender on and off which comes in handy and becomes very easy to use , even by children
    • 🍋WASHABLE- The blender is easily washable after use and there are no tiny parts where the fruit particles can get in
    • 🍋100 % SAFE - The blender is 100 % safe for your health. It is manufactured using very high grade certified materials and are protected by double layer insulation . All the products are launched by 3 level safety testing. You can be absolutely sure about the safety of our products


    HOW TO USE :

    1. Take your choice of fruit, peel the cover ,cut into small pieces 🍇🍋🔪
    2. Add the pieces into the blender ( you can also add protein powder) ➕
    3. Add some amount of water or milk as per your choice🚰🥛
    4. Turn on the button and let it blend until it becomes smooth and thin 🔛
    5. Enjoy fresh healthy natural fruit juice anywhere, anytime 😋😋



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