Professional Pedicure Set

Guys, we know the problem you face while choosing high quality pedicure tools in the market and thus we have brought this high quality professional pedicure set so that you can shape and clean your nails properly !!!
    • 💅🏻HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- All the tools are made of 100% pure stainless steel which provides highly efficient cleaning and zero bacterial growth
    • 💅🏻5 IN ONE - The most amazing feature is that you get all the 5 important manicure tools in one little box. It includes flat mouth nail clipper, angles nail clipper, nail filer, premium beauty scissors and ear pick
    • 💅🏻INDUSTRY STANDARD SHARPNESS- The precision edges of the nail cutters are very efficient and can cut the nails very neatly and easily
    • 💅🏻MISPLACED EDGE- The angled nail clipper gives it more efficiency and reduces wear and tear
    • 💅🏻ALUMINIUM CASE - The high quality aluminium case allows you to store all the tools and carry it anywhere
    • 💅🏻TEXTURED PLATING- All the tools are polished and textured which give them enhanced durability and premium look
    • 💅🏻MAGNETIC ABSORPTION DESIGN -The magnetic absorption technology allows you to easily organise the tools and place them in the case
    • 💅🏻HIGH LEVELS OF MINIMALISM -The ser is designed for in a very minimalistic way and look very good when you are carrying it around

    Advice -Although the anti dust layer prevents any type of dust or bacteria but then also it is advised that you wash your tools every 7 days