Trim and style your beard with the coolest and most dynamic trimmer in the world 
    • EFFECTIVE OPERATION- The Rotary trefoil head with integrated blade provides precise and accurate trimming and can chop off even the smallest stubble
    • THE DESIGN- Unlike the old traditional trimmers, this one is inspired by the unique Vohlorn Geometrics thus giving it a very premium and unique look
    • ADVANCED WATERPROOF- 3 Level Waterproof - supports both dry and wet double shaving
    • PRECISION- The thickness of knife is only 0.07 mm and thus it can deeply shave short and hard whiskers without leaving a stubble
    • PORTABLE- Being very lightweight and portable , the trimmer can be easily carried around and is thus suitable for business trips
    • BATTERY LIFE- The inbuilt lithium ion battery provides long battery life and is rechargeable through the included USB C Cable
    • LUXURY TECH- The designing is very sleek and minimalistic and features sturdy construction thus making it a fit for the modern gentleman