Infrared Mosquito Bite Reliever

Ensure the safety , health and comfort of you little ones with the Infrared Mosquito Bite Reliever . This portable gadget works on the patented relieving technology and immediately eliminates the effect of the mosquito bite

    • SAFETY GUARANTEE - Guys, we absolutely understand how important your kids' health is for you and trust us we also have the same goal . All the gadgets we are bringing for you are 100% safe with no side effects and tested by the respective authorities
    • ANTIPRURITIC TECHNOLOGY- The device works on our patented antipruritic technology which completely eliminates the effect , poison an the itching of the mosquito bite and also eliminates the risk of health diseases
    • EASE OF USE- The device is so very simple to use . Just turn on the button and keep the gadget on the bite for 10 seconds and the tase is done !!!
    • NO HEATING- Unlike other products on the market , the device doesn't heat up and thus there is no risk of any side effects or burns
    • PORTABLE - Being very lightweight and small , this is very easy to carry around and is rechargeable through the inbuilt USB Cable