Electric Toothbrush


When everything else is smart , why not your toothbrush be smart ?? So here it is-  a powerful highly effective electric toothbrush to make your morning routines more interesting

    • EFFECTIVE OPERATION-High cleaning frequency- 31000 times / min which cleans every small corner of the mouth
    • 3 LEVEL VIBRATION- 3 level vibration modes to suit the cleaning according to your teeth condition
    • DEEP CLEANING-American DuPoint bristles which give deep cleaning
    • SMART INBUILT SENSORS - The toothbrush gently shakes to remind you to change the brushing area and automatically helps to complete full brushing
    • PAIN FREE CLEANING- PatentedRound brushing head coupled with the arc brushing surface which avoids hurting during cleaning
    • 3 LEVEL WATERPROOF- Advanced triple waterproof technology so the brush can be cleaned directly under the tap water
    • WIRELESS CHARGING-To charge the toothbrush , simply place it in the provides wireless charging dock
    • SAFETY-Made from highest food grade material and proper insulation to remove any risk of shock or heating . So as always, you don't need to worry even a bit about any potential side effect or harm to your teeth or mouth