Tired of neck pains, discomfort and strains due to long computer hours 😫 ? Don't worry we got you covered. We have collaborated with Konka Corporation to bring this amazing gadget to you and we assure that it will relieve you of all the neck related problems

    • PATENTED LOW CYCLE PULSE TECHNOLOGY - The neck massager works on a low cycle pulse technology which allows the ions to penetrate 3-5 cm. below the skin to open the pain points and meridians and lighten the pain of cervical spine ( Its 100 % safe and is approved by medical specialists )
    • CONSTANT TEMPERATURE MASSAGE - The constant 40° Temperature massage relaxes the blood vessels, increases the blood circulation and relieves the upper muscles and bones
    • MULTI MOODES- The massager has 3 different level massage modes with 15 step force adjustment so that you can operate the device according to usw
    • ACUPRESSURE MODE- The scientific acupressure mode is also available and increases the blood circulation to a great extent
    • MOXIBUSTION- The device also includes smart moxibustion mode and knocking mode if your neck pain is more prominent
    • 100 % SAFE -The gadget has been developed after months of research and development and with a team of dedicated health specialists. The triple induction technology keeps the skin safe and has absolutely no side effects
    • LARGE BATTERY LIFE- The device has 2200 mAh Large battery life and one single charge can work upto 25-30 days
    • PORTABLE- The device is very lightweight and portable and can be carried even while you are travelling or you are in a car or plane

    NOTE - For best results , take the massager 15 minutes , 2 times every day , preferrably before taking bath and before sleeping