Alsiun® Magic Faucet


Guys , this is literally one of the most useful gadgets we have ever launched for you !!! We know that its a bit expensive but the reason is that the gadget is made of 100% pure steel and silicone and features a triple layered filter for enhanced purification . Also it works as great tap water filter and faucet aerator thus being an all in one improvement tool for your sink 

    • 720° FLEXIBLE- The magic facuet  is 720° flexible and thus can be rotated and extended according to suitability and makes it very convenient to use . It thus makes face washing , filling cups and other stuff much more easier 
    • DUAL MODE- The gadget features dual mode outlet - oxygen enriched foam mode ( faucet aerator ) and triple layer filtered turbo mode
    • 3 LAYER FILTER- There is a CEE Certified H&S® net filter inside the gadget that eliminates the impurities and thus makes the water more pure and safe for your use thus acting as an excellent water filter 
    • UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE- It is designed to fit all of your faucets - whether it is your kitchen , bathroom , wash basin etc and the installation is super easy and just takes a minute or so 
    • THE USES- This gadget is really useful and makes your tasks very convenient - whether its washing your face , filling something or cleaning  . Its gonna make your #bathroomlife so much easier and you are really gonna thank us when you receive it 
    • THE MATERIAL- As stated before , this its is built from the highest quality stainless steel and silicone with premium filter nets inside thus providing for greater efficiency and being 100% rust proof 
    • PRODUCT OF THE YEAR BY AFA- The faucet was features in  'The Best Home Products ' award by The AFA April 2021

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