XSociety®️ Official MK5 Iron Man Helmet - in Built Jarvis AI

Introducing the cutting-edge marvel of technology: the Electric Voice-Activated Iron Man Helmet from the Limited Edition Launch of XSociety®️ . Step into the shoes of Tony Stark himself and unleash your inner superhero with this remarkable piece of engineering 
    • WORLD'S FIRST REAL IRON MAN HELMET | VOICE ACTIVATED -Powered by state-of-the-art electronics and advanced voice recognition technology, this Iron Man Helmet responds to your every command. Simply utter the phrase, "Hey, Jarvis , Open the Mask ," and watch as the helmet springs to life, ready to assist you on your heroic adventures. With a single voice command, you can activate various functions, from opening the helmet's faceplate to initiating high-tech scanning capabilities

    • INBUILT JARVIS INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM -Immerse yourself in a world of augmented reality with the helmet's built-in artificial intelligence system . Experience real-time data overlays, tactical information, and vital statistics at a glance, just like Tony Stark himself. Enhance your perception and take your crime-fighting skills to new heights with this groundbreaking feature

    • SONIC EYE LED LIGHTS | DUAL CONTROL - VOICE + REMOTE - You can control the light color of the eyes and the opening and closing of the mask by voice. The Iron Man Helmet can also be controlled by the included Special Remote thus adding to the convenience

    • THE SAFETY FEATURES -Safety is paramount, and our Iron Man Helmet ensures it. Constructed with the highest quality materials, including reinforced polymers and impact-resistant alloys, this helmet guarantees optimal protection without compromising comfort. The adjustable inner padding and ventilation system ensure a secure fit and allow for hours of uninterrupted wear

    • DIFFERENT VOICE COMMANDS- The Iron Man MK5 Instruction Manual contains a detailed instruction on how to operate the gadget using different AI Commands . Some of the coolest commands are to open the helmet , to talk to Jarvis , to turn on Combat Mode , to turn on stealth mode and this will certainly be the most amazing gadget you ever spent you money on !!!