Laptop Cooling Pods


Is your laptop excessively heating up ? Then these smart cooling pods are surely the gadget for you

    • MAGNETIC HEAT DISSIPATION- These work on magnetic heat dissipation technology which prevents heating up of your device and lets you do heavy tasks properly and smoothly
    • BUILT- The slanting design also increases the air circulation at the bottom , effectively improving the airflow and making the heat dissipation more effective
    • LAPTOP STAND- The pods function as proper angled laptop stand ( ideal 8 degree line of sight elevation )
    • ELECTRONIC MAGNET- Magnetic design so that the pads can be attached to each other and can be easily carried anywhere
    • ANTI - SLIP SILICONE GRIP- Upper and lower silicone grip prevents any slipping or friction and provide proper support to the laptop
    • THE DESIGN- The pods are designed for professional and feature a very premium look and minimalistic matte finish