Why too you need a. game control when you can make your phone cover a gaming controller 😨?? Yes guys the most awaited gadget is finally here. We worked months at this project in collaboration with GameSir® Corporation and we have finally introduced the Rosselio for you. You don't need any controllers, any triggers, just put this case on your phone, pair it with bluetooth and smash the battle Royale !!
    • ONE OF A KIND-The Rosellio is the world's first phone cover which functions as a fully operational gaming controller for battle Royale games ( Till now it can only support iOS but we will be coming to Android soon )
    • DUAL GAMING TOUCH- The Rosselio turns your iPhone into a gladiator and the innovative touch buttons actively stimulate finger touch signals for controlling your game controls like moving, aiming, spotting and shooting in one go
    • SUPPORT BUTTON CUSTOMISATION- You can deeply customise button mappings with GameSir G-Crux App to perform various functions
    • PATENTED G TOUCH- The exclusive G-Touch allows you to transmit touch button signals to the mobile phone and thus play the game and play the game without any drivers or jailbreak
    • EXCELLENT PROTECTION- Alongside being a next gen controller, this phone cover also provides arbor grade strength and protection to your phone . The cover is manufactured using high grade silicone and leather and feels very smooth and textured
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end gadget and it is recommended that you invest in this only if you are serious about your mobile gaming skills and experience

    NOTE- This phone cover controller does not support iOS 13.3 above