Xiaomi® Smart Translator Device ( Professional Edition )

We know guys how much problems you face while travelling and those crappy lagging translators make it even worse. So we collaborated with Xiaomi and we have brought this smart handheld translator device for you so that you would never have to face any language related problems ever . We know its a bit pricier but trust us -the quality you will get will surely make it worth !!!
    • 14 MAINSTREAM LANGUAGES -The translator device supports Chinese, English , Japanese , Korean , German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish ,Swedish and Hindi and in 95 % of the cases these are the languages you will need while travelling or your trips to other countries 
    • INBUILT AI CHIP- The inbuilt MAXR® patented IR Chip has a database of more than 5 billion words and sentences in 14 languages and thus the translation quality is very professional and smooth . Also the smart chip analyses and translates sentences and worlds as a whole ( like a human translator ) so you will get the most accurate understanding 
    • VERY SIMPLE TO USE- The translator device is very easy to use . Just speak in the microphone in your language and the device will automatically translate the sentences for the other person or vice versa
    • SMARTPHONE APP- The translator can be connected to the smartphone app ( compatible with both Android and iOS ) and you can change language settings , save preferences and access other functions 
    • VOICE ASSISTANT - Full voice control support and AI Integration which is very useful for business trips 
    • HI-FI MICROPHONE AND SPEAKER - Both the speaker and microphones are equipped with surround microchips so that the input and output of sound is in ultra HD quality . The tranlation is crisp clear and without any lag 
    • MULTIPURPOSE - The gadget also supports music function ( MP3 player ) , currency conversion function , play the local news , weather forecast , local time calculator , exchange rate , encyclopedia and much more  
    • 7 DAY STANDBY - The inbuilt 900 mAh Li-Polymer Battery provides a standby time of 7 days and about 16 hours of continuous translation which is higher than any other translator in the market . Can be easily charged using the included USB cable 
    • FULL METAL BODY- This translator device is made of 100% pure anodic alumina and thus is extremely powerful and strong , with years of unparalleled durability 
    • MINIMALISTIC- As being made for professionals , the looks and built is very minimalistic and high end and it looks kind of really good and premium when you carry it with you 
    • MADE FOR PROFESSIONALS. -The Xiaomi® language translator device is designed for professional operation and thus it is recommended that you only invest in this device if you are a regular foreign traveller and need to converse in foreign languages 

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