Sehnel® Essentials Men's Beard Trimmer ( Limited Edition )

Still using those traditional boring trimmers ??? The Sehnel's Limited Edition is here for you. Now trim and shape your beard in style with the coolest trimmer in the world !!!

    • THE DESIGN- Unlike the old V-Shape trimmers , this one features patented handheld design which features 2 times greater efficiency and ease
    • POWER- The gadget features powerful shaving operation of 7800 rpm thus removing the minutest stubbles to give you the perfect go-to trim
    • SAFETY- Concealed switch prevents accidental wrong operation thus making it easy for one hand operation
    • THE CONSTRUCTION- The blades and constructed using 60 HRC German Steel thus making it very sturdy and efficient . The double lining mesh provides complete safety and reduces any rink from cuts
    • PORTABLE- Being very lightweight and small, it is perfect for travelling and business trips
    • STYLE- The trimmer is very unique and stylish and is inspired by the Voronoi Geometrics

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